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Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 13:47:18 -0500
From: Mojo90210[at]
Subject: lyric quibbles! Girls Say Yes

>"Antiquated, let it go: `consent is success'.
> I've seen the future and it's birdlime, When girls say 'yes'."

I think it's important to take the lyrics in context, and the first verse
describes first meeting and things going well. (Doesn't birdlime also mean
birdsh*t? Not very positive, especially in context.) Here's my reading on
it... for what it's worth.

She bends her head just right, so very gracefully,
Everybody's watching her, everybody smiles,
Those special lights shine hot on her bare shoulders,
She never felt so happy in her life,
Abdicating and letting go, consent is success,
I've seen the future and it's birdlike, when girls say 'yes'.

The word "success" almost sounds like exceess, and "birdlike" almost sounds
like "bird-light" as in euphoria and abandon, consistent with the rest of the
verse. Either way, I think "bird" should be taken in the context of Brit
slang for young women, as well as taking wing and soaring to the great
heights that lead to the inevitable plummet experienced in verses 2 and 3.
Also note that at the beginning of verse 2, she's "stepping right off an
airplane", no doubt beginning the descent. I knew that English degree would
pay off someday.

And yes, the hole in the roof IS a mess... and Condition Blue rules.

And you kids thought I wasn't paying attention.