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Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 15:40:54 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: JBC (pat post?) WAS NOT FROM PAT

I am sorry to have misled anyone, but the post
from Keith Jones <keithj[at]> was not Pat.
Although all of the information is accurate, at this time,
it is a mystery who is posing as "Keith Jones".

"Keith Jones" is what the Spanish-speaking fan base of the
JBC believe Pat's real name to be. He told me that in early years,
someone during tour must have (jokingly) told a reporter in Spain
that the singer's name is Keith Jones, and the media continue
to use that pseudo-fact.

Whoever submitted that message knows this - in addition to
their ability to quote in-studio conversations. Pat is on the case.

* While the band were in the studio, they had the opportunity
* to look at the WWW pages. Pat seems to have a keen interest
* on being able to communicate more directly with y'all, so
* do not be surprised if he eventually shows up here.
* I predict ImmanentDeathOfTheJBC-List.

About the new album:
* Out in February.
* Still no title. (Gabriel - could you scan your cover art for us?)
* Unless the world recognizes this one as something special,
* come this time next year, the party will truly be over.
* (at least under the name Jazz Butcher).

Some Tunes:
* The Ugliest Song In The World
* this is NOT about the Blue Aeroplanes.
* David J agreed with Pat that Dooj's vocals
* at the end sound "just like Max".
* Truck Of Fear
* wolf sounds are actually Pat and Dave howling
* (with the door open so that they can see the moon,
* much to the bewilderment of the Hell's Angels
* next door)
* True Stories
* not a cover

Western Family master tape:
* Until I protested my case, he suggested that I pay
* him royalties for these dubs I am making! He is piiiig.