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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 15:14:21 -0500 (EST)
From: Slang King <RKARR[at]>
Subject: Mark E. Smith

Fearless Leader says he, too, thinks Pat was being disingenuous when he denied
"SMS" is about the Fall. I agree, as I had very much the same conversation with
Pat about two years ago. However, there's one thing that seems mista'en in the
WWW excerpt David cites:

* Accordingly, the combination of the Fall title
* and Smith's strangled cries of "McGinty!" on the
* record did make for rather spooky listening, but I
* believe it's just a co-incidence.

Actually, Smith's rant isn't all that strangled:

* McGinty thought he could fool the fall
* with his imitation speeds
* But he could not know the psychic nose. . . .

Damn. Should've asked Brixie Smith about that when she was last in Chi.

Last word: Anyone who hasn't should check out Fall's _458489 A-Sides_, an
ace retrospective that's just been reissued. Delightfully warped pop.

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