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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 17:24:14 +0000
From: cockeril[at] (Matt Cockerill)
Subject: Mark E Smith

>Southern Mark Smith is indeed one of my JBC favorites (either version!)...
>But I have *never* been able to extract from anyone, be they English, or
>English Majors, exactly what *is* a Southern Mark Smith?
>Surely someone in the online JBC brain-trust can help!

Mark E. Smith is the off-centre genius behind The Fall.
He comes from Manchester, which counts as The North.
Pat comes from Northampton, which, frankly, is The Midlands, not The South.

But anyway, I believe that's the origin. There are all kinds of JBC/The
Fall links of varying degrees of convincingness. Both can produce seriously
wonderful lyrics on a good day.

For example

* You are stuck like a pig
* On a castle lawn
* Who says, "Look at what's happened to my leg."

* "Past Gone Mad", The Fall (from the LP "Infotainment Scam")

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