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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 20:14:39 -0500
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: odd songs going through your head?

I was just wondering, does anyone find themselves humming Jazz Butcher
songs that at first (or second or third) listens don't seem the absolute
greatest songs? I find myself humming Susie and Big Old Wind an awful

Vienna Song gets my vote for best obscure JB song. "A shot of penicillin
and a gun", indeed. Actually, I like it because it alludes to so much,
and I can imagine the singer slouched in a seedy bar in Vienna getting


Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
"Standing fast as bold as brass
* Holding on until the last
* Call the tune and play it all day long..." ("Bold as Brass", Split Enz)