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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 16:09:05 AST
From: "this mortal coil" <881439C[at]>
Subject: Help-find album

Wow! Am I ever glad I found this mailing list! I first heard Jazz
Butcher back in the mid to late 80's. I bought one of their tapes and
LOVED it! Well, as fate would have it, that tape was lost years ago
and I never got around to getting it and now I have forgotten the
name of it and the name of most of the songs on it.
* Anyway, I want to get it again before I start getting the rest. I
got the impression that it was a compilation album. Some of the songs
were Big Saturday?, Real Men?, So and so's Birthday present(it was a
womans name, contained lines about a fish and an elevator?), a song
about the devil- Devil is my Friend? etc.
* I really want this record again! Any help mas to what it is
called and if it is avaliable would be great. It would have come out
1988 or earlier.
* Thanks alot,
* Glenn