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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 17:56:10 -0800
From: bigsix[at] (John Ford)
Subject: covers

Part Time Punks, credited somewhere in the preceding melange of posts to
a Dan Tracy, was in fact written by Dan TrEacy, who recorded it in 1978
as the first single by his ultra-wonderful band, Television
Personalities (well, he did a single before that, but the band was
called Teen 78 or something). If you don't know them, may I recommend
the albums "And Don't the Kids Just Love It," "They Could Have Been
Bigger Than The Beatles," or "Privilege."

At the time they recorded Part Time Punks, the TVPs also included Ed
Ball, who would later be responsible for the equally wonderful band The

We now return you to your regularly scheduled debate as to whether
Condition Blue's crap or gold--no surprise, by the way, is it, that
CB's the album which generates the most intensely PERSONAL feelings? (By
the way, it's a GEM. So there.)