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Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 21:15:47 +0100 (MET)
From: alex[at] (Alexander Vrchoticky)
Subject: covers

[Dave, hope you don't mind that I use your inquiry as a shelf on which to
* place a correction]

In private mail, Dave Tilley wrote:

> Can you tell me where Chinese Envoy and Speedy Gonzales appears?

I've got `Chinese Envoy' on a tape from David Whittemore, which states
`KCRW Santa Monica (1988?)'. Speedy Gonzales I can't find, which makes
me wonder whether maybe I only *dreamt* that he covered it. Del, what's
the, if you excuse, beef?

Also, let me retract the attribution for `Speedy Gonzales' -- my brain
was misfiring. *Roadrunner* is, of course, the tune written by
Mr. Richman, and covered by Pat on (amongst possibly other places) the
`Hamburg' live album.

Digging through the tapes revealed a couple of more tunes:

>From the DavidJ - Pat Fish show in Northampton, December 1993:
* Little Red Corvette (yes, the Prince tune)
* Hoagy Carmichael (doesn't quite count, it's a David J tune)
* You're my Shining Star (Teenage Fanclub)

>From the Tower Recors Chicago, 5/16/92 tape:
* After Hours (Again, Velvet Underground)

Hoping that my brain has snapped out of neutral,