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Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 19:47:19 -0600
From: greg0003[at]
Subject: a new one

Tried to send this earlier, but forgot the "pasture" . . .

Glad to be here . . . found the address in the Ultimate Music listing
(whatever it's called) on the WWW (very attractive home page too!). I'm
partial to "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "Condition Blue," if I had to
declare; have seen the Conspiracy twice at First Avenue here in
Minneapolis, once in like 1986 (just before "Distressed Gentlefolk" came
out, I think . . . got to chat with Mr Fish afterward, what a personable
fellow) and once just a couple years ago, when "Condition Blue" was
pretty new. *That was the darkest, saddest, most potent concert I've
ever seen . . . nearly all bitter, slow, distorted tunes . . . opened
with (if I remember correctly) "Racheland;" the crowd was rather
unresponsive until the band kicked into one of the "She's . . ." songs,
both of which had been in heavy rotation on our slim-pickins alternative
radio station. The audience moshed and flailed and all, and after the
wild applause Pat fairly sneered, "So, the kiddies wanna rock, huh?
Well, bite on *this, kiddies!" and played "Sister Death." Ahahahaha.

Other than that . . . I suppose you all here have been through the matter
of the early Jazz Butcher albums' unavailability on cd . . . my co-worker
at th'record store has the Glass "Scandal/Sex&Travel" cd, but that's
actually the only copy I've ever seen. Someone here must know the latest,
and will perhaps
bear with me if this is heavily-trodden ground.

Thank you.

So others are curious about the old records. I bought the "G of M" cd some
six years ago in Mpls; the lps were available up until about then, and show
up in the used bins every so often nowadays. I think I've got all the lps:
"Bath of Bacon," "A Scandal in Bohemia," "Sex and Travel" (six song ep),
"The Gift of Music," (only vol 1 though), "Live in Hamburg" . . . that may
be all. Plus a few assorted 12"ers. What I really want is the 7" that came
with "Big Questions (The Gift of Music vol 2)." With the exquisite parodic
thrust against Mr. David J (he does that a lot, doesn't he?), "The Hairbrush
and the Tank."

She said she liked The Soft Boys best . . .