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Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 17:45:22 EST
From: "Gary Hunter" <ghunter[at]>
Subject: Has anyone bought these lately...?

Chris sez:

>Hell, Gary, if you have seen any of these for sale, for heavens sake BUY THEM!
>Particularly Scandal/Sex & Travel.
>We are talking about VERY VERY rare here!! Possible Fire rereleases
>sometime but...

* Then Eric sez:

>I've been looking for A Scandal in Bohemia, either on LP or CD, for about
>4 years now. I've yet to see it. My local Virgin Megastore lists a CD
>of A Scandal in Bohemia as having been released at one time (this shocked
>me), but it must be out of print.
>I've got G of M 1&2 on vynil, but have never seen them on CD.
>This is embarrassing, but what's Sex and Travel? What's on it?

* Plus, John (who had trouble posting) sez:

>As far as I know, these records have never been available in the United States
>(and while a few were undoubtably imported, I've never seen them in the import
>bins). Until this message, I wasn't aware they were still available anywhere.
>If anyone knows how I might get them (or perhaps has a current address for
>Glass Records), please drop me a line! I prefer CDs, but will also buy vinyl
>and tapes.

* Hmm, yes they seem quite rare. I asked about those CDs 'cause I've only
managed to buy Distressed Gentlefolk on CD, which is looking more and more
valuable as time goes by! (it's an original Glass Records import).
* Chris sez there maybe some re-releases on the way, BONUS!!!.
* And Eric is embarrassed. Don't worry, just get your FAQs straight.
* Finally John, your posting trouble _may_ be due to sending to the the wrong
address. Don't forget, it's jbc-list[at] . :) Plus I'll
go home and get you the address I have (it might not be current though). But
didn't Glass Records go bankrupt? I'm not sure if they even exist anymore.

* Zero else, Toast and Gare