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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 15:52:07 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: 15 Nov 94 - Greenpeace Benefit at the Roadmender's, Northampton

> From: m_cockerill[at] (Matt Cockerill)

***David, can you forward this to the list, thanks, Matt*****

Yes, it's come and gone. I made it along though, and was rewarded with the
opportunity to hear Mr Odd, Sister Death, President Chang, She's a Yo-yo,
She's on Drugs, Our Friends the Filth, and Bakersfield. i.e. the same old
set list they've been playing for 18 months.

Chiefly notable thing about this particular performance was Dooj dressed up
in a very convincing "Grim Reaper" outfit, with scythe, cape and silly
makeup. Something to do with the Mexican Day of the Dead, apparently.

My brother Sam and I accosted Pat and co. afterwards, and asked why they
never play "Chickentown" in Northampton. Pat seemed to think it was a good
idea. Very doubtful wheter anyone in Northampton would twig what he was
singing about.

Gabriel admirably said he had been in favour of not playing Mr Odd this
time out, but he had been over-ruled by Pat. That makes it about 9 gigs
I've been to, and they've played Mr Odd at every one. (And Sister Death
too, come to think of it, but that's fair enough)

News on the recording front is good. David J is said to be hard at work
mixing the 17 tracks Pat and the gang laid down over the last few weeks.
Pat says it's very upbeat. Plenty of songs in the Pineapple
Tuesday/Penguins mode.

Other thing Pat mentioned was that he has managed to visit the WWW site,
and was very disappointed not to be able to find the sample of the audience
at Creation's Albert Hall gig shouting "Fuck Off" in Czech.

The rest of the benefit was pretty interesting: a college band with a
would-be John Lydon lead singer trying desperately to impress the record
industry types who may or may not have been there, and a punk-noise band
(not unlike Rollins Band, I suspect) who were excellently loud and

Pat sensibly declined the offer to headline after these guys, but had a
great time beforehand playing over their fuck loud P.A. . Makes a change
from Slurps, at least. President Chang became a theatrical noise experience
not a million miles from Sonic Youth (almost).