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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 11:15:36 GMT
From: Edward Carter <edwardc[at]>
Subject: videos

> i have the video for Spooky on a Creation video comp.

Including subliminal message along the lines of "Cozy Doctors in your
house" or something. Although "not a lot happens" on this video, I
think it's quite neat.

> pat had mentioned one other - real low budget.
> maybe caroline wheeler or count dracula, i don't remember.

It's for Count Dracula. You can see it on the "Blood On The Cats"
compilation, ninety minutes of psychobilly and other disturbing
material with JBmCD plonked in the middle. I don't have it but I know
a man who does and it's actually quite boring: four people crammed
into a small space and looking into the camera. But woah! are they young...

ed, still wondering what "I'm going to blow my face up" could possibly mean.