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Date: Sat, 05 Nov 1994 11:53:04 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: videos

> Does anyone know what videos were made for Jazz Butcher songs?
> Apparently there was one for Spooky...

i have the video for Spooky on a Creation video comp.
(1990, The Creation Records Compilation, VVD703).
basically, laurence, kizzy, pat, paul, and alex green
playing/dancing around in a smokey area.

longtime jbc-list subscriber nancy everson once sent me
a copy of the Angels video which she recorded off of a
music channel.
by mitch jenkins (the longtime JBC photographer),
b&w 16mm - unfortunately it has little to do with the song,
or even the MOOD of the song.
shots of the guys playing pool in a large empty auditorium,
running at 2x speed in a public parking garage, etc.

Girl-Go made the MTV 120 minutes rotation when it came out.
this one featured CLOUDS, mostly. shots of the guys rolling
around on the bed in pat's guest bedroom where the walls are
covered in JBC posters, flyers and what-not. heads shots of
pat with obvious lip-schtick singing. it ends with clouds
rolling above them in a long shot of them walking along the horizon.

pat had mentioned one other - real low budget.
maybe caroline wheeler or count dracula, i don't remember.

and there *might* have been one for Pineapple Tuesday,
had my footage and camera not been stolen in NYC in 1990...