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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 20:51:00 EDT
From: "Gary Hunter" <ghunter[at]>
Subject: An introduction, of sorts...

(...and what better a way to make an introducton than using Davids' questions!
* Hence, it's better to be lazy)
* David sez:

>curious... how did you find out about us?

* I looked in a FAQ listing all the available music group mail-listings that
are circulating the planet as I type.
>see any good shows?

* No, unfortunately I have yet to see the Jazz Butcher live.

> like any records in particular?

* Yes! Bloody Nonsense and Distressed Gentlefolk are my favorites. Actually,
I've been searching for several releases on CD but have been successful in
finding only Distressed Gentlefolk. I'm still searching though...

> what you think of the new one?

* I've read reviews on the latest J.B. Conspiracy material but have
not heard what it's like myself.

> please introduce yourself to the rest of the list!

* Right! Toast and Gare (ie. Gary Hunter): nth year university, studying
Biology (note: n= or >6); surviving almost entirely on government loans and
therefore living a relatively peaceful existance (though only for
the short-term); enjoys many types of music/food/drink and tries to be merry
even when faced with an uncertain future job market and an oppressive tax
* Zero else,

* Toast and Gare

ps. Fish is Biodegradable.