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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 1994 01:23:12 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: long songs

i was just giving my copy of that canadian compilation Unconditional
a listen (thanks chris! any chance you can get more of those - it
really is an excellect compilation)

aside from finally being able to hear some old tunes again
(all my vinyl is in storage), i was amazed how long The Human Jungle
is - 7:20.

i know a couple of songs on Condition Blue or maybe Big Planet
may approach that length, but i always remembered Human Jungle
as being the typical pop-single lengthed ditty. nope.

i anticipate quite a bit of warm-fuzzy posting when the
re-issues of the Glass records finally comes about.

Southern Mark Smith, despite being over 10 years old
really stands out respectably - it is quite a bit "nicer" than
the raucous live versions i am have become used to.
the newly-reformatted lyric information on the WWW server show
that Southern Mark Smith appears on more releases than any other JBC tune -
7 times:
A Scandal In Bohemia, Southern Mark Smith single, Real Men single,
The Gift Of Music, Bloody Nonsense, Unconditional, and Western Family

a note to new subscribers: contact me if you missed the posting
of the latest letter from pat.

biding my time on purgatory until the next tour...