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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 94 17:08:21 BST
From: Edward Carter <edwardc[at]>
Subject: news

> o news to make edwardc happy: the Black Eg have "fucked off",
> and it is rumored that an outfit called the White Eggs have
> begun a retaliation campaign. the fortress rave-gig did not
> happen, as the soundpeople had no way to plug the Eg in.
> the Black Eg left, disgusted, and declared England full of pigs

Contrary to this statement, I am not at all happy that the Black Eg
have fucked off. I *enjoyed* their third album, I *liked* the first
and I *listened to* the second. They were OK live as well, 'cepting
the fact that they didn't play The Good The Bad and The Ugly (but even
then I wasn't the one sitting in the bar beforehand devising maniacal
retributions if they didn't play that one). And that photo of them en
performance makes a smashing background on an Xterm.

Suddenly feeling unjustly judged, I'm off to sit through "Peter
Murphy" just to prove the point.