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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 16:33:11 -0500
From: "Dave Zembower" <zembower[at]>
Subject: songwriter output, albums, and the JBC

In message <94Sep20.155535edt.57181-1[at]> Chris
Camfield writes:
> We probably all know that the media (and us, in discussion) have referred
> to the unreliable quality of the Pat's albums. (I guess that the usual
> opinion is Fishcoteque-BPSP-Cult-Condition-Waiting as good-bad-good-bad-good.
> Or is it?)

Is it? Geez, this opinion is almost completely contrary to mine! I feel that
Fishcotheque and Big Planet Scarey Planet are *excellent* albums, Cult of the
Basement and Condition Blue are good albums, and I'm not too impressed with
Waiting for the Love Bus (sorry, Dave, but "overprocessed" is an apt
description, IMHO!). Just goes to show, we are all different, even though we
share a passion for a particular coffee (oops, I mean song writer).

BTW, I recently received tapes of Pat's earlier albums (thanks Eric Larson, if
you are still out there!!), and I feel that Pat has certainly evolved since his
earlier ventures. If I had purchased Bath of Bacon or Bloody Nonsense before I
had ever heard any of his other albums, I probably would have passed on said
other albums. However, I really enjoyed Distressed Gentlefolk...similar in tone
to Fishcotheque, which is my favorite album of the JBC.

Dave Zembower
Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, MN