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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 15:13:48 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: songwriter output, albums, and the JBC

> what is this "Vodka girls" (1994) referred to on the WWW page?

that is off of a French magazine comp (Abus Dangereux),
and was spotted by Mr Sydney Meats when he was on the list.

> Sting has put out 4 albums since 1985 and Pat has written put out 6

mind you, Sting is up there with REM in the popularity department;
he has fans willing to wait a generation between releases. it is
also a *necessity* that he do so - musn't annoy our fan base with
"trivial cak" - an album must live up to the legacy.

> anyone think Pat might do better to release albums less frequently

"market analysis! get the boys right on it!
what? we don't have an (market) analysis department?
fuck it, i'll just make my music instead."

(mostly) unhindered by pop-star baggage, i doubt that he *cares*
much about that aspect of it.

> Pat writes an awful lot of songs.

`D' is an infinitely interesting chord.

mildly related..
last week, Stereolab played chicago. since martin stebbing
and `Lab main man tim gane go way back, i was fortunate enough
to hang out. i was wearing my nice new JBC t-shirt, which tim
was obviously uncomfortable with. when i asked him about it,
he admitted to really not liking the JBC. i let it pass.
*then* they played... one song has an andlessly repeating
organ line directly from southern mark smith. hehehe.