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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 13:28:39 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: howdy

just thought i would say a belated "hello" to all the recent subscribers.
it took 5 years, but last week our collective mass passed 100.
at the growth rate of this year alone, it shouldnt take more than
a year for our 2nd hundred.

if only we had some engaging new topic.

the WWW server continues to do its biz.
this weekend, i enabled searching on the
"press clippings" section - now everything except pat's letters
can be searched en mass. it is slow, but thorough.

i am curious how many of you have/can access the WWW server?
have you gone there to find answers to questions you would have
otherwise asked here? reply to me directly unless others would benefit.

if anyone has newspaper reviews or the like sitting around
and wouldnt mind typing, there is a home for it..

thanks all

ObJBC: a friend of mine heard her first JBC (lovebus) and all she
had to say was "it is overprocessed". these young-uns, i swear..