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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 06:58:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: PATERSD <patersd[at]>
Subject: Uncovering The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

Greetings All!

* I was asked to introduce myself. (STANDS) "My name is David Paterson
and I am a JBCoholic!" <G> Actually I am a researcher in the Toxicology
Dept. at Parke-Davis in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
* I accidently discovered the JBC one day when a friend made a compilation
tape of various alternative "stuff". We often trade such tapes to discover
new bands. This is much cheaper than just buying everything you can get
your hands on and it lets you sort of preview music to hear what you like.
* Anyway there was a little song on the tape by The Jazz Butcher and I rushed
out to the local record store and they said, "The Jazz section is over there!"
* "No not the Jazz section! The Jazz Butcher!!!!" "Huhh!!!!!!!"
* So I drove a little farther to the "alternative" music store and lo and
behold there was Cult of the Basement! Anyhow my quest has been long and
tedious but at last I have found this list! I was asking for a JBC
Discography on and was referred here by David Whittemore.
* "Thanks David!" (SLAPS DAVID ON THE BACK) So far I have on cd
"Cult of the Basement", "Waiting for the Love Bus", "Condition Blue",
and "Western Family". On vinyl I have "Bloody Nonsense".
* What else is still in print?
* I was told that several of JBC's earlier albums will soon be reprinted,
but I heard it was to be the earlier Glass recordings and that Pat was not
going to receive any royalties for this. Fire records was to be the label.
* Is this true?
* Well I'm glad to be here! Perhaps now I will have some help in tracking
down more
JBC music!

David Paterson