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Date: Sat, 3 Sep 1994 16:52:36 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: Pat the one-man orchestra

Just on that note, to add one more instrument, Bath Of Bacon credits Pat with
guitar, bass, drums, flute, xylophone, and (the one instrument
not mentioned) organ.

Having read that new article on the WWW server recently (I really enjoyed
it), I would guess that the back blurb on Bath Of Bacon is REALLY tongue
in cheek, neh?


Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
"Wherever we set foot, we tread upon some bit of history" (Cicero)
"Oh Sweetwater, sometimes it feels like ancient Rome..." (The JBC)
"Here's looking at you, kid." (Rick Blaine in Casablanca)