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Date: Fri, 02 Sep 1994 17:38:33 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: One-man orchestra

> edwardc[at]
> "the last drop of wine" which has The Jazz Butcher playing
> the flute.

my copy of this dave kusworth album "all the heartbreak stories"
is on CD, but i wonder why? it is obviously mastered
from LP - scratches and all. 1991, creation CDECD108.
i really try to like kusworth, but his single-subject moaning
is difficult to take in larger-than-small doses.

> What other bizarre instruments does he [pat] play?

xylophone (lots), rubber killer whales (domestic animal).
he does ok with impromptu keyboard performance, too.

> some have said that paul mulreany is a bit of a dark horse
> with oodles of talent but no ambition to realise it.

i have always liked paul's voice and he is so rock-steady
that you would swear its a drum machine. i have been unable
to determine his age, however. it seems he has been playing
around for over a decade, but he always appears to be about 23.

a big thanks to chris for handling this shirt biz.
i sent pat a package this afternoon with the latest
uppity jbc-list talk since june. hopefully he will send
some more "clarifications".

WWW summary, six months:
* 1651 different sites have accessed my machine.
* 2429 visits to the JBC home page.
* 1050 songs listened to.
* visits from czechoslovakia : 2