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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 17:03:48 -0800
From: Till[at]
Subject: The Fan World

Greetings Butcher people,

* I found this address under alt. music alternative and have
recently been sent the generic info mailing. It sounds like a cool group.
I would very much like to join. My first taste of the Butcher was about
four years ago from a college roomate who subsequently got me hooked. This
in turn got me onto the David J. solo stuff and Max Eider as well. I have
as of yet been able only to find one Max Eider album entitled "The best
kisser in the world" on Big Time (I think) records released in the U.S.
Are there any more?

* I have recently moved out to Oregon and have yet to find
anyone who has even heard of The Butcher or any related type things. This
isolation is killing me. Luckily, said roomate is sending me something
titled "Jazz Butcher versus Max Eider". Can't wait to get it. I like
..Love Bus.. allot especially the line about Hoagy Charmichael and Dave.

* Getting sick of typing,
* Adios from treeland,

* Brad