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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 13:13:38 -0500
From: "Dave Zembower" <zembower[at][at]>
Subject: New member-me!!

Hello everyone of the JBC list! I recently joined the list, after Dave sent me
a nice e-mail when he saw a post I had sent to concerning
older Jazz Butcher recordings. Nice to see a group devoted to JBC.

I first "discovered" JBC when I lived in Atlanta 1987-1990. WRAS Album 88
(Georgia State University's radio station) played several of their tracks. The
first to catch my attention was Nightmare Being from Big Planet Scarey Planet.
I instantly knew I had found a band that spoke to me. That was the first CD of
their's that I bought, and have bought every one I could find since then. Also
got lucky and found a copy of Fishcotheque in a used record store here in
Rochester, MN. Had a chance to see the Butcher about two years ago up in
Minneapolis during the Condition Blue tour. He played a great song list, but
the sound quality that night was horrible!!! The crowd became very restless and
thinned out about an hour into the show. Too bad. I would love to see them
again. I will be moving to Chicago next spring, so hopefully my chances will

Any information about a US tour? Anytime soon? How about a new release? I
finally found a copy of Waiting for the Love Bus (when I was in Chicago two
months ago, imagine that!) and can't wait for the next album by JBC.

Dave Zembower