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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 14:28:00 EDT
From: "Camfield,Chris" <ChrisC[at]>
Subject: shirts & stuff

I went to the shirt company today; nothing yet, apparently because of a
delay in getting the shirts, as there is apparently a shortage of white L
shirts every year. Anyhow, anyone who has asked for a change in shirt
colour will hopefully have gotten it, but if it doesn't work out, hopefully
white will be okay. :)

Final, final, FINAL word on shirt backs: After more hemming and hawing
recently, the shirt back is going to be "Electrical sounds". I should have
a copy of the artwork on Friday, hopefully. Then the shirts should be ready
Monday or Tuesday, and I will get them out to those people whose cheques I
have received next week. Everyone else will get theirs sent off in the
second week of September.

I watched an old b&w comedy called "Beat the devil" last night, with good
ol' Bogart and a rather aged-looking Peter Lorre. Besides good old Peter,
whose character was as undependable as ever, there was also a character who
fit the English-speaking gentleman of "Holiday" very well - I thought of the
song as I was watching the film. I recommend "Beat the devil", if you can
find it.