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Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 13:19:51 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Those DAMNED Canucks

not chris...
but those of the northern persuasion those who cause
things like THIS to be true:

> liddy[at] (Joe Beaulieu)
> Just spoke with Pat.
> He's not coming over here in September due to some trouble with
> the Canadians. Says he's ready to go off and record another
> album right now since he has already toured Europe twice off
> of Love Bus.
> There is no new Black Eg release.
> Fire is the label that is supposed to re-release the Glass stuff.

damn, damn, damn and damn.

> Glen Davis <davisg[at]-remove-BCC.ORST.EDU>
> Anybody found re-issues on cd?