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Date: Mon, 01 Aug 94 09:42:10 EDT
From: BertieV[at]
Subject: Politics, toilet training, etc..

Less-than-random musings:

>...while we're on the subject of dodgy political stances....
>> ---Roger Scruton
>say no more.

See what I mean about diversity? :)))

David, I was in particular thinking of an interview I read in the
mid-eighties --a long time ago, to be sure--in which he referred rather
even-handedly to the U.S. as 'the most evil regime the world has ever
created' (close to his exact words, though not quite....and I must say that
takes a lot of pressure off Pol Pot), while extolling the virtues of the
Soviet system (presumably under Gorbachev, where, to be sure, lots of
exciting things were happening, but so was some business as usual).

I may still have that interview somewhere (talk about anally retentive); if I
do, I'd be happy to post the whole thing. That's what I meant by
sophomoric.....the sort of thing that, coming from a fellow as intelligent
and perceptive as Pat obviously is, would make one rather stick with the
penguins (which, in its own way, could be taken as an extremely astute
INTERPERSONAL political statement, and one which I find deeply moving).

To be sure, in his songs, the SATIRIC aspect of his views is much more clear
(and show me a government that COULDN'T have holes poked in it), but if that
slogan comes from where I think it might--and please tell me where--it could
be even WORSE, rather than better. Rant rave blither blah blah blah.

Ultimately, I guess my point is that as much as I love the guy's work, I'd
hate to end up as a walking advertisement for the one side I'm less proud of.

Peace, love, and simple chord progressions,