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Date: Sun, 31 Jul 94 12:40:23 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: The T Shirt (again...)

include a picture of the One True Lovebus? no way.

>> <phrases>
> i dont like these.
damn right.

> ed carter
I seem to have picked up a surname from somewhere. euch.
> seems to have the LoveBus font figured out.
version 2(b) in the works, to be released shortly. In time for Tshirts anyway.
'j' much improved, 'z's scalable, 't' consistent etc etc etc

If you want to be contemporary re t-shirt words then there's not a lot you can
quote from WftLB is there?


"Let the handrail go!"
"Why vote for the lesser evil?"
"I've got an eggy-weg head" (I like that one, kinda appropriate)

erm... ah.... ummmm....

"Dawn in a suburban garden"
"Gas escaping"
etc etc etc

it's no good. They're all crap.

curious factoid: this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe contains a show
called "Waiting for the Ugly Bus". Think I might climb on board.


> the end is nigh.
not before time.