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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 94 15:17:26 EST
From: George Heard <heard[at]>
Subject: Look out - Western Family again

G'day guys,

* "Waiting For The Love Bus" finally arrived in Tasmania last week! (yay
Neil from Rare Groove)

* Anyway, a drive across the island listening to "Waiting For The Love Bus"
involved listening to the other side of the cassette as well, which was
"Western Family". The version of "Angels" off this CD has a reference I haven't
picked up on before until just now. In the middle of the song, Pat sings

"In heaven, everything is fine
* In heaven, everything is fine..."

* EXACTLY the same as in "Eraserhead".

* Yay! Now I have a link between the JBC and David Lynch as well as a
link between the JBC and Laurie Anderson

Perhaps in penance, I should do the lyrics from "Bloody Nonsense"

George (now seeking a link between Laurie Anderson and David Lynch)