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Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 11:37:37 BST
From: Jim.Davies[at]
Subject: Shirts


I understand completely. It's a weird thing, typography, but once
you've seen how it really is, there's nothgin you can do but speak up.


uh-huh, and here's my last message to the list, which seems to have

It's about shirts.

(that's just the name of the shop. sir)


Shirts: your mother is right. I wish that I had parents whose advice
* upon matters of taste was anything other than something to
* avoid... but hey, that's my problem... :*)

Text: how about `The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy' on the front (not too
* large, not too offensive, same font as the album cover,
* possibly `J.B.C.' instead if you like) ???

* and on the back... `Waiting for the Love Bus', arranged
* appropriately (same font as album, again... if you go for
* anything psychedelic then it could look stupid or brilliant,
* difficult to say)

* whoever made the point about `Excellent!' was quite right...
* I hadn't thought of that.... nice one... etc. let's not and
* say we did.

Picture: front only, as suggested.