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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 23:49:06 -0400
From: mlc139[at] (Matthew Lewis Condon)
Subject: Shirts

Well, I haven't seen the file yet, since I don't have access to WWW
from this machine (though I will be sure to check it out later), but
here are some suggestions...

Is it really going to cost any less to put "Excellent" on
the back than it would to put some sort of picture (yes, I know
the reference, but something about the word "excellent has made
me shudder ever since Bill & Ted)? Personally, I would rather have
a picture if it's about the same... Perhaps we could even get Pat
to make up something special for it, since he's now involved and
he seems to like to do sketches (what do you think, David?).
The would really make the shirts cool, having some sort of
exclusive design.

Also, I think putting the lettering from Waiting for the Love Bus
on it would be OK, and would probably look better than just some
randomly chosen lettering. And after all, since the endeavour
seems to have the JBC's blessing, why not make it look official?

Just my input, since no one else seems to be saying much of


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* Matt Condon * to take off your skin,
* mlc139[at] * and dance around in your bones!"
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