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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 22:23:56 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: shirt design

Well, I just letterbombed David with a preliminary design for the shirt. (I
think a 900k uuencoded file counts as a letterbomb. I wonder if he got it
all.) Hopefully he will be able to put it up on the WWW page. Please note,
anyone who sees it, that the graphic is a bit munged by going in and out
of CorelDraw 3.0 and I will be snipping out the lettering and using a
better quality copy of the picture. Best to look at the original picture
(also on the WWW page) if you want to see it in detail. Of course, I'm
not sure exactly how it will turn out on the shirt.

And the costs keep going down and down and down... there are now well over 26
orders, so we qualify for a cheaper printing cost, and because there are lots
of orders, the cost/shirt for the design fee is less, and the impact of
sending 3 shirts to the JBC is also lessened. Right now we are looking at
$8.35 for one-sided, or $9.93 for two-sided. Since the difference is
small, I think it might be a good idea to put "Excellent!" on the back and
just have the band name and picture on the front. So, when you are looking
at the design, draw an imaginary line below the picture to separate the top
from the bottom. If I get disagreement about this, I'll rethink it, but so
far the reaction to keeping the design from being too "busy" has been small
but relatively positive. I'll be finding out about postal rates real soon
now, and after that I'll start asking for money.

People with no access to the Web who want to see the design: if you can
handle getting a 900k uuencoded file in the mail, ask for it. If not,
suggest an ftp site where I can put it and I will try my best. I figure
anyone who came across the picture and wanted to use it would probably be
a diehard JBC fan anyways.

Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
"Oh Sweetwater, sometimes it feels like ancient Rome..." (The JBC)
"Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over..." (Crowded House)