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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 14:27:27 BST
From: joe[at] (Joe Nicholson)
Subject: Belgium

Confused of London writes ...

del> Have succeeded in booking Strangelove for the second annual
del> "It's Got To Be Belgium" festival here - at a price of... NOTHING!
del> Ha!Ha!Ha! It will be their first gig after the l.p. comes out.
del> I love doing this - it annoys the local promoters SO much! The guy came
del> last year when we put on Peter Astor and he just stood in the corner
del> asking "How?" Excellent!

ed> Might be worth making a trip to Belgium in early August, though.

Is the Belgium implied in the two posting, the country or the bar?
Isn't ``The Belgium'' one of Pat's haunts in Northampton (aka Sloppy
Joe's ??). Or is it the country just north of France?

del> This is all across 8th-10th August in the garden at Belgium.

If this is country, people may have trouble finding it, as I know of
at least two different gardens in Belgium.