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Date: Sat, 9 Jul 1994 19:21:54 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: We seem to be back up - some news

hello all. after 3 weeks of software updates, lightning strikes
and general chaos, it looks like the jbc-list[at]
is back up.

to get things rolling...
i received a letter from pat which contained some info on upcoming gigs,
and a list of <a href="/letters/94Jun24/all_the_gigs.html">EVERY JBC show ever</a>.
i wont send that 700-liner to the list - it can be found on the WWW server
this gig list has been added to the existing searchable database.

interesting things from it:
* first gig: 12Jun1982, The Black Lion, Northampton, UK
* max's last stand: 27Nov1986, Club 33, Zurich, Switzerland
* year with most shows: 1985 (111)

here is some current (2 weeks old) information:

* I have passed the time since [4Jun94] ruthlessly instilling an iron
discipline within the ranks, and things are starting to happen.
Like - would you believe? - a live version of "Our Friends The Filth"!
I have seen Levitation with their new American singer (whom they all
appear to hate) - very powerful and strong, but rather pointless, in a
very "modern" ways and Strangelove - quite splendid!

* Have succeeded in booking Strangelove for the second annual
"It's Got To Be Belgium" festival here - at a price of... NOTHING!
Ha!Ha!Ha! It will be their first gig after the l.p. comes out.
I love doing this - it annoys the local promoters SO much! The guy came
last year when we put on Peter Astor and he just stood in the corner
asking "How?" Excellent! Also lined up for the fest are Curt's mob,
"Stranger Tractors", Spittle Rattle, Transambient Communications and,
coup of coups!, a band from Vienna called The Black Eg.

* This is all across 8th-10th August in the garden at Belgium.
The Eg are also playing a rave in London on 22nd July at The Fortress,
King's Cross, and they have been invited to Ibiza too! Vibornye!

* On Friday night Dave and I will be doing an acoustic show in Rugby.
The next proper JBC show is at La Maison Du Peuple (!) in Clermont-Ferrand,
France, on 7th July.

* We have achieved a Canadian release (Sony), and so renewed energy has
been given to the North American campaign. We're aiming for September,
so that we can relieve all the students of the dough their loving parents
have just given them at the start of the semester. (See? I can speak American.)

* I've begun a little writing; favourite lines at this early stage rhyme
"civ ilised way" with "drivel I say"... hmmmm...

* Here is the price of free Publicity - a list of every JBC date that I
can recall. I think I missed one in June 1985 at a teacher-training college
in London, the night before we flew to Rome for the Foro Tevere. Also I've
neglected to put in all the in-store type things and the legendary Clare's
Party, Hammersmith in the fall of 1985. Apart from these errors, which
I spotted too late for the list, I think you'll find that you have
The Definitive Word on JBC live action since the year zero.

* God - what it is to have a head full of trivial cak, hey?

* Hope that all is groovy out west and that you are having as much fun
with the World Cup as I currently am.

trivial cak? *he's* the one who typed out 12 pages worth of gigs!
i just scanned them in :-)