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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 14:17:01 BST
From: Cliff Lovelock <CLIFF[at]>
Subject: (no subject)

The reason that I barely remeber how Condition Blue goes,
Ed, is because it always seems to lose my attention
somewhere in the middle of the first song. Anyway, to be
totally fair, I played it again last night.

I still think it's a weak album, for much the same reasons
as Ed, but I guess if you wanted to tape it, fade out every
song after about three minutes, leave off "Still and all",
replace "Monkeyface" with "The Basement" and leave
"Racheland" as is (I was surprised to find that this was as
good as everyone has said it was) - it could be a better
album. Not great, just better.

Now I guess I'd better go and buy some asbestos trousers.

See ya kids.