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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 13:17:33 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: stuff

del[at] mentions:
> john a rivers - mr "distressed gentlefolk"

This is funny, actually, since I have a few albums produced by this
bloke and for the most part they're alright and not this sort of shiny,
forgettable pop nonsense that he seems to turn JBC material into. See,
for instance, his work with the Brilliant Corners (? not so sure about
this now I come to think of it).

ccamfiel[at] wonders:
> live renditions of Girl Go and Burglar Of Love.

"burglar of... walrus of love..." Not different enough, really. I may
have listened with my cloth ears on, but the Girl Go live was really
rather like listening to the studio version amplified through a tea tray
and without such a good intro. Oh but the single's worth it for
"Excellent!". All of this is IMHO.

other miscellany:

I just thought I'd chip in the most common response whenever I start
burbling about JBC or wear my T-Shirt in public, which is: "The Jazz
Butcher...? Does he play Jazz?" It's getting beyond a joke.

and I have been rumbled:

> hmmm. racheland is one of the longest. and guitar-infested.
> and lyrically self-absorbed. all those things you hate, ed.
> what salvages it for you? visions of poison dwarves? :-)

Those *were* the hardest times.

Anyway it looks like I'm the only true CB basher at the moment since a
certain geologist (how apt!) admitted the other day that he can't even
remember what most of Condition Blue sounds like. Ha! His prejudice
won't keep him warm tonight.