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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 09:25:01 BST
From: smeats[at] (Sad Git on the Internet)
Subject: Those Later Albums

Syd speaks in defence of those later albums :

OK, I've already mentioned Condition Blue, so what about Love Bus ?
When I first heard WFTLB I was disappointed with it, but it has grown
on me considerably with repeated listenings. Yes there ARE some cracking
good songs, and Pat's lyricism shines through as well as ever :

"I would let the handrail go if I thought anything would break my fall"
( Whadaya ). The other night I bumped into an ex-girlfriend of mine and
you could have knocked me down with a Black Eg discography. I know exactly
what Pat means.

WFTLB IS a good album in its own right. O.K., it doesn't sound like the
OLD Pat Fish stuff, but don't let that prejudice you. Give it a few more
listens before the next verbal demolition session.

I have recently introduced a couple of friends to some JBC albums,
and when I go round their house they always seem to be playing the
Jazz Butcher. You may be surprised to learn that they rate Love Bus quite
highly. They're not old farts either ( well, they're both under 30 anyway ).

I too have heard comments along the lines of "The Jazz Butcher, are they
still going ?" The irony is that the fans of `86 have grown up and might
appreciate the later stuff more than some of the new fans if only they had
access to it.

Syd Meats, Lincoln, UK
Sad Git on the Internet