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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 18:42:50 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: stuff & WWW update

> Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
> Pat hasn't had an uneven album since Big Planet Scarey Planet,
> which got overproduced by

john a rivers - mr "distressed gentlefolk"
but remember, pat also took credit for the problems with that album:
* <i>
* This was a real "band" album by a touring unit which
* had become really quite ferocious. In choosing to work with John
* A. Rivers again we felt that we were sufficiently noisy and fierce
* to cope with any over- tidy production strokes he might pull.
* "Clean *that* up, then, ya bastard" was out declared policy in the
* group.

* Of course, we under-rated him. I probably did
* too much pre-production on my (new) 4-track at home, and the
* whole thing sounds a bit stillborn.
* </i>

i thought it a little strange that pat didnt see the irony
that the song `The Word I Was Looking For' probably contained
more words than any other. and i *still* dont know just what
that word is.

says prez of the Coalition Of Condition Blue Bashers:
> edwardc[at] (on Condition Blue )
> The problem that I have with this album is that it is just SO self indulgent.
> the tunes are sometimes rather reluctant to end.
> Racheland is a rare treat, that's beyond question (I hope)

hmmm. racheland is one of the longest. and guitar-infested.
and lyrically self-absorbed. all those things you hate, ed.
what salvages it for you? visions of poison dwarves? :-)

ok. i admit it. 1/2 the time i skip the long fade-outs too,
because i am familiar with them and they no longer hold the surprises
i may find in re-listening to the rest of the tune.

> BertieV[at]
> Perhaps it's because, for a variety of reasons, "Racheland" in particular
> really hits home, but the emotion in the songs I believe surpasses anything
> else in the catalogue.

does that fact that several of us continue to see worth in the music
mean are we all becoming boring old farts? `racheland' hits near my heart
too, as much as `real men' did when i was much younger.
i can see why his audience may be dwindling. those fans of 86 are
growing up and losing contact with current JBC releases. the consumers
of "indie" music in general have less and less in common with a maturing
artist and what he has to say. since pat never made the move to a location
where he would necessarily have a larger audience (llyod cole & NYC),
it is probably lucky that he has been able to continue on as long as he has.

so.. is it stupidity or integrity that he has stayed where he is
and not compromised? (naw, thats not a loaded question!)

> JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]>
> So who is re-releasing the JBC Glass material?

Letter: 13Apr94:
* <i>
* It now looks more likely than ever that Scandal and Sex, at least,
* will appear this year, most probably on FIRE RECORDS (21a Maury
* Road, London N16 7BP) in the U.K. and RESTLESS RECORDS
* (1616 Vista Del Mar Ave, Hollywood CA) in the States. We are
* almost at an agreement, I think. More news as it comes up.
* </i>

> Mojo90210[at]
> Gang, no two ways, Condition Blue is the best LP Pat's done and may ever do
> (if Love Bus is any indication)

Waiting For The Love Bus .. not much has been said on it.
i wonder why that is. things i consider really STRONG points.
the back-to-back-to-back-to-back of:
* kids in the mall/whaddya?/sweetwater/ghosts - very nice.
the fade of angel station -> rosemary davis' world of sound (reprise)
since this is a "quiet" record, you can hear all the little variations
in what the drummer is doing; you can hear him miss occasionally.
the small warbles in vocal pitch in rosemary davis'.

it comes across as a very honest record, without pretense.

> Mojo90210[at]
> I missed the boat on this whole Black Eg think... sounds like some thing the
> Residents would pull.

it *could* have been the residents for all we know.
what would you like to know? if you have mosaic access, the whole
story is in the Black Eg home page.

i need to get that slide of pat and kathie kissing in front
of the love bus printed so i can scan it. too nauseatingly cute.