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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 16:45:07 EDT
From: Mojo90210[at]
Subject: Condition Blue = Masterwork

Gang, no two ways, Condition Blue is the best LP Pat's done and may ever do
(if Love Bus is any indication). So much stuff on other discs is borderline
"novelty" music, Condition Blue stands tall from start to finish. I really
value the other stuff, but Condition Blue demands to be taken seriously. (I'm
only sorry that Pat had to go through hell to inspire it.)

Good news on the reissue of Glass material...any word on Big Time stuff?
Could kill for CD of Bloody Nonsense and Distressed Gentlefolk. Really!

I missed the boat on this whole Black Eg think... sounds like some thing the
Residents would pull. Anyone care to EM the Cliffs Notes version of it?
* Mucho appreciados....

Vaya Con Dios,