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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 11:08:16 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Yeah, what he said!

> I've got to agree with Syd...Condition Blue's an awfully good record

Heaven forfend that I should chip in to any "Condition Blue: crap or what?"
debate. However, I feel somehow obliged to. Apologies to people who were
here first, second and probably third time round. This is the last, I hope.

The problem that I have with this album is that it is just SO self indulgent.
For whatever reason, probably to fit the 10,000 guitarists on, the tunes are
sometimes rather reluctant to end... clipping a couple of minutes off most
tracks (see esp. "harlan") might help. Basically: nice songs, but boring.

Whether we should criticise the self indulgent *content* is a little more
open to debate. While I appreciate its status as a therapy record, there's
a little devil inside me which says "Why is he releasing this? What's it
all about? Why should I care? Why should I have to listen to it?"

Oh yeah, there are good bits as well. Racheland is a rare treat, that's
beyond question (I hope).

> fewer songs about animals and drinking (maybe),

...and I'm not too sure I miss them that much.