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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 94 16:15:26 BST
From: Edward Carter <edwardc[at]>
Subject: they were on holiday, like everyone else.

> Staying on that theme, Ed seems to think that this
> re-release (of the Glass material) will be selective

well, actually, I stumbled back from the pub to find Cliff brandishing
his "new" copy of Bath of Bacon and it crossed my mind that, whilst it
has the odd gem, it is more of a curio than a million seller and if I
were boss of Butch rereleasing then I'd think twice about it,
particularly as Scandal/Sex and Gift of Music 1&2 would both make
wonderful double bills and distressed g/folk seems to have a
following for itself, for better or for worse.

very long sentence. sorry.

But I said it under the influence so take it with as much salt as you
can fit into a pinch. I have no idea what might happen, now, do I?