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Date: Tue, 31 May 94 22:46:56 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Where is the Black Eg gig???

> Where in London is the Sound Shaft, anybody???

Let me demystify you on this one. (Ed finally proving to be of some use.)

The Sound Shaft is on Hungerford Lane, off Craven Street. For those who
lack an A-Z, you'll find this down the side of Charing Cross station. I
*think* Craven Street comes out next to Boots, but I could be wrong. It's
on that side of the station anyway and before you get to Northumberland

Plans are rather dependent upon the way that overnight travel affects my
brain, but I *think* David and I and assorted unwitting volunteers who
don't know THE TRUTH might be drinking a couple of pints in the Duke of
Wellington / Wellington Tavern / "that pub credited on the sleeve of
Fishcotheque" up to about 8ish. That pub's to be found on Waterloo Road,
almost exactly opposite the appropriate exit from the main Waterloo
station. Hell, you know that anyway. It's only a shortish walk over
Hungerford Bridge to the venue from there.

I mention the pub because it might be easier to spot everyone outside the
venue rather than inside... that said - the music the club plays is
ambiguously described as "techno funk", whatever that is, so I guess the
JBC fans should be quite easy to spot in amongst the melee.

Two hours until my train leaves... this had better be worth it.