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Date: Tue, 31 May 94 14:47:42 BST
From: smeats[at]-remove-lincoln.gpsemi.COM (Sad Git on the Internet)
Subject: Where is the Black Eg gig???

~Where in London is the Sound Shaft, anybody???
~It's not listed as a venue in any of the listings mags I've looked at,
~nor is it in the directory.
~Getting a little worried whether I'll ever get to see this gig...
~(Looks like "Belgium" all over again).
~Hope someone can help,

I'm told it's near to Heaven (Charing Cross). Something lurking in the
back of my mind tells me it ought to be under some arches. Perhaps it's
next to all those people in cardboard boxes ( known to John Major as
"eyesores" ). Heaven should be in the listings somewhere. No doubt asking
people where Heaven is should provoke a few interesting responses.