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Date: Fri, 20 May 94 12:51:14 BST
From: smeats[at]-remove-lincoln.gpsemi.COM (Sad Git on the Internet)
Subject: Meet The Vicar

~> Sound Shaft. It's near Charing Cross, close to Heaven
~> ( if that's any help ).
~well it almost is. i figure i can find it knowing that
~tube stop - i have about 8 hours to kill as i get in around noon.
~looking forward to meeting you.

I can now confirm that I'll be at the Black Eg debut. Not sure about the
Albert Hall thing though.

Tomorrow is the "Unplugged" Jazz Butcher gig which I'm putting on in Lincoln,
and performing at. As you can imagine, I'm dead nervous about the whole thing.
I think the worst thing that can happen is too many people turning up ( it's
only a small room ). There have been quite a few phone calls asking where the
venue is, but no-one is flying in from abroad as far as I know ( Pascal
Legras has some floorboards to varnish ).