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Date: Thu, 19 May 94 13:40:55 BST
From: smeats[at]-remove-lincoln.gpsemi.COM (Sad Git on the Internet)
Subject: Radio One to broadcast "unplugged" at Albert Hall

A reliable source in the pub told me last night that the Creation 10th
anniversary "unplugged" show at the Albert Hall is to be broadcast by
Radio One. I think this will be a live broadcast, but I doubt if it will
cover the whole thing. Don't be surprised if radio listeners join the show
just AFTER the JBC set !

At any rate, with all that broadcast equipment there you can bet anything you
like that a quality live recording will end up somewhere ( even if it doesn't
get officially released ).

Waiting for some well-informed smart-arse to fill in the details ..........

Syd Meats, Lincoln, UK