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Date: Wed, 18 May 1994 19:39:18 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Bakersfield lyrics

> Clyde's in the bathroom with Tiny the gator
> Yeah I wanna be your top eliminator

Tiny and Clyde.
there is a story here...

there is a wonderful little book about STRANGE things to
see when cruising the states entitled Roadside America.
(2nd edition, Paragon Press)

the book is broken up into catagories like "large concrete animals",
"real live freak shows", "obscure churchs", etc.

pat came into possession of one of these books at the end of the
tour, and by the time i thumbed through it, pat had obviously
been smitten with the story about the guy (tiny) who would
stage a show where you could watch him wrestle to near-death with his
alligator (clyde) for anyone who wanted to drop by and watch.

i say obvious, because starting with the cover of the book,
and apprearing every 5 pages or so would be things that pat had
penned in like: "Also starring Tiny & Clyde!" "Tiny & Clyde,
50 miles", "next exit, Tiny & Clyde", "Dont miss Tiny & Clyde!".
until, finally on the page AFTER the story, it says
"Whooaa! you missed Tiny & Clyde".

great, great book.

non-obvious %70 truth: the rachel of `Racheland' is the
rachel from slowdive. they played chicago last night, and
my guitar player, brady, is still twitching.