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Date: Sat, 14 May 1994 11:29:15 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: Upcoming JBC/EG shows

pat feels that "this is the week in which we finally deliver.
after 10 years, this is the week, and i don't think they will want it."

to wit..

1 June - London, Sound Shaft the BLACK EG LIVE DEBUT

* the buzz about this show occurring caused (ex bassist)
* laurence o'keefe to call pat for the first time in months.
* the artist pascal legras is flying in from Paris for it.

* the von d&auml;mmerung's cousin curtis will be a
* fourth member, and he will be in a wheelchair.
* eggs will be worn on heads, and pat said that
* karel wanted to hire a row of angry old women
* whose only purpose would be to hold placards of Lenin
* while standing stone-faced at the back of the stage.
* czech flags were reluctantly ruled out.

* apparently much use will be made of the 4-track,
* czech samples throughout (for that authenticity factor),
* and there will be little effort to leave the techno-club
* audience "wanting more".

* the guy who invited/challenged the Black Eg to perform
* asked "how are the brothers usually paid?"
* to which karel responded "in diesel".

4 June - Royal Albert Hall - JBC, Creation 10th anniv show "unplugged"

* lots of Creation acts are playing, and pat feels this
* will be an angry show. he was considering how the
* brothers von d&auml;mmerung would perform "unplugged" had they
* been asked...(after all, they are on Creation):
* "like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Dooj - sitting in rocking chairs,
* wearing overalls, and each holding a jam box, fingers lifted
* from pause buttons at appropriate moments.
* total cost of performance: &#163;5 - for batteries."

see you at the shows, i hope.
anyone know where the Sound Shaft is?

other stuff..

for the first time since being on Creation, the JBC have pulled
into profit.
pat is working once again with sonic boom (ex-spacemen).
Love&Rockets are in the states working on a new album.
still no real news on a US tour - the album is not yet out
in Canada.