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Date: Mon, 9 May 94 11:18:15 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Why is the JBC obscure?

Update... I stirred a bit by suggesting something along the lines that

> The fact that the records are usually remarkably uneven doesn't help.

is a crafty way of siding with the "Crap" side of "Crap or what?"

As a nerdy record release note, it's worth pointing out to those who don't
know that "Shirley Maclaine" never got a UK (Europe?) single release. "Girl
Go" was the last single, wasn't it?

But ain't there a good point here? I can't imagine Pat filling or really
truly deep down wanting to fill Wembley Stadium with 35,000 adoring fans
and sell T-Shirts at $40 a piece. Even if he were, in some parallel
universe, amazingly popular. There aren't many songs that would sit
comfortably with a Pink Floydy son et lumiere of lasers and pyrotechnics. I
can barely comprehend the possibility of a giant inflatable love kitten
floating over Battersea Power Station....

It's maybe that the music and the teeny fan base seem so suited to each
other that I can't help but think relative obscurity is what he wants
anyway. Else maybe he'd write a stadium rocker like what James did. It
can't be *that* difficult. (No doubt he'll read that and get annoyed.)

Time to start a "keep the jbc obscure" campaign.