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Date: Mon, 9 May 94 10:53:55 BST
From: mojo90210[at]
Subject: Why is the JBC obscure?

The JBC is obscure simply due to bad record company handling and poor
management... 99 stores out of 100 don't stock a single JBC title, all his
early work was on tough to find imports, all the Big Time stuff had a
fighting chance until the guy went south with the money, screwing several
fine acts... since, all these other labels have cautiously picked him up on
the promise of a cult following, but they don't put any promotion behind him,
so only the cult buys the records. I'd say he has a fighting chance again
with TriStar, but only if they do something for him, like release a single,
get him on a movie soundtrack, or better yet a good tour support spot (why
are the Crash Test Dummies opening for the Costello tour? Or Sheryl Crow for
Crowded House? Why not the JBC? Poor management!) JBC should offer to play
the second stage at Lollapalooza for FREE! Something to get this fine
performer in front of the public.

The fact that the records are usually remarkably uneven doesn't help.
"Condition Blue" is about the only one where all the songs are "accessible"
to the general listener. The new one is accessible, but not nearly as rockers on it either, and that "President Chang" song pisses me off
no end...

No, the Butcher seems to be following all the instructions in the book "How
to become a cult band." And I think he knows it.

BTW, any word out there on a new Max Eider album? "Best Kisser" is as good as
almost any JBC release...