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Date: Mon, 9 May 94 10:10:09 BST
From: smeats[at]-remove-lincoln.gpsemi.COM (The Suburbs of your Mind)
Subject: Black Egg Live Debut / Lincoln Gig

Pat is currently doing some frantic programming for the live premier of the
Black Egg. This will take place in London on June 1st. I've forgotten the
name of the venue, but it's near to Heaven ( Charring Cross ). Londoners
will have to look out for it in listings.

The "unplugged" gig here in Lincoln with Pat Fish and Dave Henderson is now
less than 2 weeks away ( Sat 21st May ). Admission is 3 quid on the door,
2.50 in advance. Anyone within striking distance of the East Midlands, please
E-Mail me if you want more details. Unfortunately I can't offer any crashing
space as I'm already expecting have a house-full of bodies that night.

Syd Meats, Lincoln, UK
( but the Net Police think I'm in San Francisco ! )